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Why Choose Natural Stone Paving

Why Choose Natural Stone?

The prominence of natural stone landscaping products over concrete equivalent is unrivalled as it provide a more beautiful and sustainable option.

Each piece of natural stone has its own unique blend of colours and tones unlike concrete equivalents where all pieces are identical and over the years aggregates start to become exposed. Natural stone is a sustainable building material as resources on earth are vast and plentiful. Although the regeneration of stone is not as visible as it is for something such as trees it is a continuous  process with natural stone having a enduring life-cycle.

As a natural product, all Natural Paving products can be used again either as reclaimed paving and/or be crushed to use for aggregates.

Unlike man-made products, stone is a truly natural product that is simply taken from the ground and processed using low energy machinery, as opposed to needing high energy fuel-burning processes that pump vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, like the process they use to make concrete.

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