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Tuscan Cragstone - Weathered Limestone Paving

We just wanted to share the details of this classic paving with you, as the Tuscan Cragstone was recently purchased by one our customers in Malton, North Yorkshire.

Stuart was so happy with his Patio and his New Tuscan Cragstone that he invited his brother round to have a look, and he has just placed another order with us for the same paving.


Natural Paving Cragstone collection Tuscan Flagstones, Talasey Group

Natural Paving Cragstone collection Tuscan Flagstones has a subtly weathered and riven surface and matching edges,

in gentle shades of light greens and mustard yellows.

Rustic and occasional imperfect corners only add to Tuscan’s charming character.

As Tuscan is a limestone, it may naturally lighten over time.

Tuscan is available in:

Calibrated project pack has 4 different sizes available in each pack

900 x 600mm – contains 16 pieces per pack

600 x 600mm – contains 16 pieces per pack

600 x 290mm – contains 16 pieces per pack

290 x 290mm – contains 12 pieces per pack

Product Thickness
weight per
pack (kg)
coverage per
pack (m2)
Number of pieces per pack
Please note that sizes are nominal
900mm x 600mm 600mm x 600mm 600mm x 290mm 290mm x 290mm
Calibrated Project Pack 24 950 18.9 16 16 16 12


Lisa Leach


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