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Oh No! My Paving Is Broken?!

Our paving is delivered in heavy crates, which are sometimes over a tonne in weight.

The wooden crates can be picked up and put down numerous times in one journey, however we do try to minimise this.

Stone comes packed with some straps in the crate and sometimes with plastic packaging, whereas porcelain can come in cardboard sleeves which offers more protection and ensures minimal breakage.

Unfortunately accidents can happen and on occasion, after you've checked the paving, you could find a broken slab or two.

For both stone and porcelain, if more than 10% of your order arrives damaged, then we will look at replacements or refunds for you.  So for example if you ordered 22 slabs only, so long as 3 or more are broken, we can look at helping.

For us to be able to do this, we will need photos emailing to [email protected] of the broken slabs please.


Porcelain Slab Replacements

For Porcelain each cardboard sleeve has a batch number either printed directly onto the cardboard or onto a label.  We need to see a photograph of the label incase any replacements are required.

Porcelain is a printed product which can be likened to a wallpaper pattern.  Each batch has a number which details the patten, shade and worksize (this lets us know which sawblade was used from which machine and they can all be slightly different).

Here is an example of the information that is in the label:

Batch label for Porcelain

Batch label for Porcelain

If a different batch number is sent out to you, and the porcelain slabs or tiles are being put next to each other, you may notice a slight difference.  This is one of the reasons we advise to buy your porcelain at the same time, so that we can send out the same batch number.

Also for this reason, please make sure you order an extra 10% in area than what you actually need to allow for breakages and cuts.  Imagine if some were broke in transit or on site, and you were a couple of slabs short?  You contact us to let us know you require, but in the meantime, all of your batch number is sold out and we can only offer the next batch.  When you could be paying thousands of pounds for your paving, you would want it to look right, and match!

Each label / barcode is usually printed on the very thin edge of the cardboard sleeve

Stone Paving Replacements

Example of Stone Paving Crate Label

Example of Stone Paving Crate Label

Although Natural Stone Paving is not batch matched as such because the colour can vary so much being a natural product that comes out of the ground; the crate numbers can identify which block the slabs were cut from and so we may sometimes ask for a photo of the crate label.

In any case in the event that any of your stone arrives broken, then we will require photos.  This is not to be difficult, its just that for our team to justify sending the replacement stone out, photos need to be provided first as our customer care team need to see them.

As the transport cut off time (or the latest time we can instruct our hauliers is midday, providing we know about your required replacements in the morning, it may be possible to send your replacements out to you for the next day.

Please ensure you keep all packaging and when you take the photos that your stone has not been installed already.

Please do not install your stone if you find it damaged, as if it has been laid it will be seen as used and therefore we wouldn't be able to look at refunding or replacing.

Lisa Leach


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