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Key Benefits of different types of Paving

Types of Paving

choosing which paving to buy for your garden or driveway can be a mind field to some people, as the choice for which type of paving or even colour can be over facing but we are here to help make your decision less stressful and hopefully give you a clearer understanding of which paving will work best for you!

firstly you should ask yourself what are the main factors your paving will be used for?, do you need hard wearing long lasting cobbles for your car to drive over for years to come? or do want a sleek sophisticated paving flags for your garden where you will spend many summer nights gazing at?

wether it be any of the choices above or you just simply want to upgrade your garden and dont know what you will use it for then we can still help make deciding which paving will work best for you much easier for you.

lets start by highlighting the different paving that is available for you to choose from, - Clay paving, Porcelain paving or stone paving. all of which come in different varying sizes and colours!

Clay paving- Clay has exceptional resistance to moisture and attack by acids and alkalis, all of which could affect the colour in alternative concrete products. ... Long recognised for their superior qualities above other paving materials, clay possesses outstanding strength and durability with high anti-slip/skid performance. Advantages of Clay Brick Pavers: Color Retention: Bricks are naturally colored by mixing in various types of clays, so they retain color better than concrete, particularly when exposed to UV rays. Bricks are made from natural clay.

Porcelain paving- Porcelain paving is formed by baking a mixture of clay, sand and other minerals in a high-temperature kiln producing an incredibly durable and non-porous material. Being resistant to water absorption ensures that porcelain paving requires very little maintenance.
Ceramic and porcelain are manmade from natural materials, which means you can enjoy their distinctive beauty, as well as constructive advantages, such as being resistant to water stains, mould and salt. advantages of porcelain paving: Strong – At double the thickness of a standard indoor tile our external porcelain is very strong and hard-wearing. Stain Resistant – tiles are made from fully vitrified porcelain which is non-porous and therefore resistant to staining.

Stone - Flagstone (flag) is a generic flat stonecutting regular rectangular or square in shape and usually used for paving slabs or walkways,patiosflooringfences and roofing. It may be used for memorialsheadstonesfacades and other construction.
natural irregular flagstone pavers make for an amazing patio or walkway, creating a rustic yet charming atmosphere.
Advantages of Flagstone pavers is that they have a non-slip surface. Due to the natural cleft texture of Flagstone, they are safe and ideal for use around the pool area. Flagstone is not only slip-resistant, but it also resists moisture, heat and heavy traffic use.

once you can decipher between which type of stone you would like to use for your project, your next decision and probably your most thought consuming decision will be which colour you would like your paving in, we can help point you in the right direction of which colours are popular and which ones are available but ultimately that decision has to be yours so that you can enjoy your paving in your selected colour for years to come!

and finally for choosing your paving in the correct size, this can also be tricky but we are always here to help and its as easy as you give us your size of area you would like paving and we will tell you how many meters or pieces you will need to complete your project.

and its as easy as that! hopefully no longer just a mind field to you but if you are still struggling contact our team on 01274 960612 where we will do our best to make helping you simple! Hardy Landscaping Company.

Lisa Leach


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