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Back Orders For Paving Being Imported To England

Occasionally we find that some paving is only available on a made to order service and sometimes our in -stock products do run low on stock.  When this happens it's often the case there is none available in the country and so a back order is needed.

The back orders have a queue system with a ticket number and so the sooner you can place your order the better.  We can help by letting you know the date that you paving is due into the country and then contacting you when it arrives.Generally made to order paving takes 4-6 weeks.

We understand that you may not wish to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on products that are not on the ground in the UK and so it is fine for them to be paid for once they have arrived in England (a few days before your delivery date).

Also it is possible to cancel these back orders free of charge providing they've not been sent out again on the way to you in this country after you've agreed to take the order i.e. after we've spoken with you to confirm its arrived into the UK.




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