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Advice When Ordering Paving for the First Time

One question that our new customers often ask is why should I buy my paving all in one go?

Over the years, there have been changes as to whether or not a crate of paving slabs can be split down or not.  The answer is yes, we can split anything down to your exact measurements but there is a charge for this.

We've built the cost in for you already, so theres no need to do any complicated calculations at your end, but there are some things you might want to know when deciding how many paving slabs to buy, especially if one full pack just wont be enough, but you don't want to pay for 2 packs and have lots of paving left over spare.

Good advice is to buy 10% more than you actually need to account for breakages and cuts around the edges.  Also we ALWAYS recommend buying all of your paving in one go, rather than not ordering enough to find you're short when the project is nearly at end.  And theres a couple of reasons for this:


  • It could delay the project and time is money
  • It could cost you more, for every pallet space we use there is a built in charge to the paving of £72.00.  It doesnt matter whether we are sending out one garden / patio slab or a full crate of paving, due to the need of protecting your goods, we have to use a pallet service, a normal courier service wouldnt be appropriate.
  • Everytime we split down a pack of paving, there is a £66 cost built into the price.  Each piece must be split down out of a full pack by hand.  Especially in busy summer periods, this could also delay your delivery times by up to 3 working days by being held up in a queue in our distribution centres.  It always takes longer to delivery a split pack rather than a full pack for this reason.

So if you were to order one and a half packs, you would be charged as follows;

One pack at cost + £72.00 transport cost built in

One half pack at cost + £66 split fee + £72.00 transport cost built in.

Imagine you were then 8 slabs short; you'd have to pay another slab cost for 8, and a further £66 and £72 charge, which could've been avoided with careful measuring.

  • Lastly, but perhaps most important is that if you don't buy all of your slabs in the same purchase the additional slabs that you request might not match up to your original slabs, particularly in colour.  Especially with Porcelain Paving, which comes in batches, there might not be any of the original batch left.

However we understand that occasionally you might need to order a couple more slabs, or even may have bought the majority of your slabs from another provider, to find that they don't offer a splitting down service.  In this case, we advise you to keep some of the original packaging for Porcelain and on the side there is usually a barcode printed which give us the info we need to match it up for you.


I hope the above is helpful but if you do have any more questions, please email [email protected]

Ordering the right amount of paving in one go

Lisa Leach


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