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We're really excited to introduce this years products to you! If you would like hard copies or an email copy of the brochure then please email me, Lisa at [email protected]


Here is the link to the brochure:


Summary of the products in Talasey's 2024 Brochure

Featuring Natural Paving and Vitripiazza Porcelain, we adore these classics and are excited by some of the new colours and sizing options to mix things up for the new season to come.  If you're ready for your garden transformation. Introduction of the Lite range of 16mm slabs to compliment the previous 20mm


Ranges include:

Porcelain Paving - Colosso, Di Pietra, Sofia (including some new colours)!, Anno, New Product Anno Lite. Bellezza Lite, Bellstone, Traverta, Plank, Cava Stone, Cava Granito, Cava Quartz, Dusk

Porcelain Cobbles - Pewter, Silver Grey

Porcelain Edging - Lustre, Lucenta, Lucio

Porcelain Cladding - Rok


Premiastone - Sandstone (Cornsilk, Ivory, York Mixed) Slate (Black, Grey, Copper)

Cragstone - Old York, Tuscan

Classicstone - Sandstone: Harvest, Lakeland, Autumn Brown, Promenade, Golden Fossil, Graphite, Yorkshire Blend

Limestone: Steel Blue, Harbour Grey, Carbon Black


Never featured in the brochures before, but have been previously available to buy are the Jumbo Sized Sandstone packs 1800x900 which lend themselves to creating features such as steps all keeping in with matching schemes.

Fossestone - Cinder, Forest, Ebony, Orchard and the long awaited return of Midnight Blue Block Paving and Kerbs

Cobblestone - Meadow, Calico, Pewter, Ebony (Limestone), Silver Sets (Granite)

Stone Accessories - Fire Pits, Cottagestone Walling (all previous colours of Carbon Black, Lakeland, Golden Fossil), Copings; just the Bullnosing available with the Chiselled Edge having been discontinued.  Really exciting never to be seen before in Talasey's Brochure is a heat deflector and metal insert for the fire pits.

With prices from our ethical and main importer Talasey remaining stable for the last 6 months, we will undoubtedly see some fluctuations due to conflict in the Red Sea and the containers now going past The Cape of Good Hope which we hope will be temporary and we wish you all a happy, healthy and Prosperous 2024 from Hardy Landscaping Ltd.



Lisa Leach


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