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Atlas Continental Clay Pavers and Bricks


Baksteen Atlas Clay Pavers

Please not there is more than one colour that makes up the Dove/atlas colour.  Colours will need to be mixed prior to installation as with all natural paving.


Atlas (or Dove) clay pavers are tumbled to reveal a weathered and antiqued appearance. When laid on edge (using 65mm thickness) on a suitably designed bedding and sub base, these pavers will withstand heavy vehicular traffic

Looking for something a bit different? Why not try Herringbone Pattern.  The late AJ McCormack and Son have a good guide which can be found here:


Clay Description:

Clay minerals are formed over long periods of time by the gradual chemical weathering of rocks. When dry, clay becomes firm and when fired in a kiln, permanent physical and chemical changes occur which cause the clay to be converted into a ceramic material suitable for use as bricks and paviors.

Clay Colours:

Clay paving comes in a rich array of earthy colours including terracotta, charcoal and buff yellow and offers an alternative to sandstone and granite pathway setts.

***new pack size is 1040 bricks - 10.4 meters on the edge or 13.68 meters on the bed
(2 packs now 20.8 meters on edge or 27.36 meters on the bed)
2 packs used to be 1920 bricks, 25.26 meters on bed or 19 meters on the edge.

Additional information

Size if split down pack


Laying Guide

Natural Stone Patio Paving Laying Guide

Download the Natural Stone Block Paving Laying Guide



Key Features

Key Features:

and cover 200 x 65mm x 50mm (laid on edge) l x d x w circa 1400kg (average nominal weight kg) approx 100 per m2 butt jointed, 10.40 m2 per pack, 1040no of units per pack.

200 x 50mm x 65mm (laid on bed) l x d x w circa 1400kg (average nominal weight kg) approx 77per m2 butt jointed, 13.5m2 per pack, 1040no of units per pack.

Clay Pavers.
Manufactured in Austria




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