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Plum Slate Chippings 40mm


Plum Slate Applications and Versatility:

Our Plum Slate Chippings 40mm find their place in various landscaping applications,

- lawn borders, garden borders

- paths

- raised flower beds,

- plant pot toppings,

- decorative garden stone rockeries,

- ornamental water features,

- ponds and fishponds. Slate is fish-friendly

40mm plum slate boasts flat angular pieces which offer a contemporary and elegant look to your outdoor spaces, creating a lasting impression.


Our Welsh Slate Plum Chippings 40mm are sourced directly from the Quarry in Moel Tryfan, Caernarfonshire, North Wales.

Our Plum Slate Chippings 40mm decorative aggregates boast beautiful purple/blue colours that deepen when wet.

If you are attempting to match your previously laid plum slate to top up or extend the area, please order a sample before your main purchase. Slate is a natural product so there will be some variance in colour.

Perfect for heavy footfall footpaths, garden borders & more!

Also known as purple slate chippings, plum slate is ideal for garden pathways, borders, flower beds, rockeries, ornamental water features, fishponds and pot toppers. Our plum slate chippings are also fish-friendly!

Graded at 40mm, plum slate chippings are a great choice for heavy footfall footpaths as the shape and size means they bed together well for a comfortable walking surface and as they are bigger, will take longer to break down than smaller slate chippings. Once laid, the smaller pieces will form a mulch bed with the larger and more decorative pieces on display.

Plum Slate Useful Tips

Plum slate plays a practical role by aiding in weed prevention and retaining soil moisture during dry periods, making them a valuable choice for gardeners.

Do you want a guarantee of no pesky weeds? Add on a durable weed prevention membrane.

It's useful to note that plum slate, or any slate may subtly alter the pH levels of soil or water features, so consideration is advised for delicate plants or aquatic elements in your landscaping plans. Read our 'How to use Slate Chippings in your Garden' for more useful tips.

Recycled Fish Friendly

Plum Slate Chippings 40mm

Plum Slate Quality and Colour Variance:

Sourced directly from a North Wales Quarry, our Plum Slate Chippings 40mm guarantee the highest quality and richness in colour. The deep plum hues, complemented by varying shades, deepen when wet. Please note that the colour may appear lighter when dry and unwashed, but the occasional variance adds more depth and a natural charm to your outdoor setting.

Plum Slate Bulk Bag Convenience:

Available in bulk bags weighing approximately 800kg, our Plum Slate Chippings provide you with a cost-effective and efficient solution ideal for large-scale landscaping projects. Our bulk bags ensure you have an ample supply of these decorative chippings to bring your outdoor vision to life.

Plum Slate Ordering Information:

For your convenience, our Plum Slate chippings are available in pallet quantities of 20kg bags and 800kg bulk bags. To ensure colour matching, especially when attempting to coordinate with existing slate, we recommend ordering a sample before making your main purchase.

Weed Prevention Solution:

Complete your landscaping project with our Groundtex - Polypropylene Weed Membrane ground cover. This essential addition helps prevent unwanted weeds from infiltrating your garden, ensuring a low-maintenance and pristine outdoor environment. If you add one on at checkout, we will strap it down onto your bulk bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

How deep should I lay plum slate?

Plum Slate 40mm should be laid at a 50mm depth, plum Slate 20mm should be laid at a 40mm depth.

Do I need to lay weed membrane under my plum slate?

To ensure your slate area remains maintenance and hassle free, we recommend laying weed membrane to eradicate any chance of weeds coming through and ruining the aesthetic of your area. Make sure you use a durable Polypropylene Weed Membrane, as they will last the longest.

Does plum slate fade over time?

Welsh plum slate will hold its rich purple colour for your lifetime at least! If you live in a hot and dry climate (not the UK) you may be prone to a fade in colour, but don't worry, the UK's dramatic weather keeps your plum slates colour just as dramatic.

Key Features

Plum Slate Size and Shape:

Graded between 15-40mm, the Plum Slate Chippings may exhibit some variance due to the unique natural characteristics of the stone.

1 bulk bag of slate chippings holds around 800kg. - This is the industry standard.

Country of origin: Wales, United Kingdom

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