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Plum Slate Chippings 20mm


Plum Slate Applications and Versatility:

Our Plum Slate Chippings 40mm find their place in various landscaping applications,

- lawn borders, garden borders

- paths

- raised flower beds,

- plant pot toppings,

- decorative garden stone rockeries,

- ornamental water features,

- ponds and fishponds. Slate is fish-friendly

40mm plum slate boasts flat angular pieces which offer a contemporary and elegant look to your outdoor spaces, creating a lasting impression.


These recycled 20mm Blue Slate Chippings are a natural product featuring blue and grey colour tones when dry, which darken to deeper shades when wet. This popular product is ideal for pathways where a flatter finish is required and they are also perfect for mulch, garden borders and fishponds. Our images show the product both wet and dry. Sold in bulk bags of approx. 800kg and pre-pack 20kg bags for ease of movement.

For further details please see Product Information.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Blue Slate products are a TRUE Welsh Slate material which may differ in colour to blue slates purchased from other retailers who may source their stone from elsewhere. If you are attempting to match slate colours, please order a sample before ordering.

Recycled Fish Friendly

Blue Slate Chippings 20mm

Applications: Lawn borders, raised flower beds, decorative garden stone rockeries, ornamental water features, fishponds and decorative garden pathways (NOT DRIVEWAYS)

Actual Sizing: Ranging between 5-30mm with some variance due to the soft nature of slate

Colour: Appearing near grey when dry, the shades of blue come out when the stone is wet. Other colour variances are likely due to the nature of the stone

Shape: Flat, angular, irregular blue slate gravel pieces

Material: Natural Slate

Key Features

Plum Slate Size and Shape:

Graded between 15-40mm, the Plum Slate Chippings may exhibit some variance due to the unique natural characteristics of the stone.

1 bulk bag of slate chippings holds around 800kg. - This is the industry standard.

Country of origin: Wales, United Kingdom

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