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Natural Paving Pavetuf Rust / stain remover



Natural Paving Pavetuf range Rust / stain remover

Natural Paving Pavetuf range Rust / stain remover is a powerful and high performance, acid free cleaner

It removes staining from rust, without harming the stone.

You can use the product on paths, drives and patios of the following materials:

  • Natural stone
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Porcelain
  • Quartz
  • Ceramics

This rust remover provides extensive and long lasting protection, even more so if the area is sealed with one of the pavetuf sealants afterwards.

It is extremely easy to use, with the advice of a power washing to be used for external treatments to wash it away.

This product is a professional quality product and also environmentally friendly as it contains no acids which could cause harm to the environment or cause the colour or look of the landscaped surface to change. The carton is 1ltr and is ideal for rust spots and stains, coverage approx. 3 meters sq.

Why use Pavetuf Rust Remover?

rust remover before and after

  • provides extensive and lasting protection when treated afterwards with a Pavetuf Sealer.
  • It is easy to use, advise using a pressure washer for external treatments
  • does not alter the colour or look of the landscaped surface
  • It is acid free
  • Professional quality product
  • Environmentally friendly

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Natural Paving Pavetuf range Pavetuf Priming Slurry



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