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ARTIFICIAL GRASS ADHESIVE | Luxigraze 310ml | Solvent Free | Green


Lazigraze comes with its own range of accessories, designed to aid the simple installation and maintenance of lazigraze artificial grass products.


ARTIFICIAL GRASS ADHESIVE | Luxigraze 310ml | Solvent Free | Green

ARTIFICIAL GRASS ADHESIVE | Luxigraze 310ml | Solvent Free | Green is a moisture curing solvent free polyurethane adhesive

With a high bond strength that is suitable for outdoor use.

It is coloured green to blend with the artificial grass.

you can easily apply this product with a notched trowel or directly from the cartridge.

Luxigraze Adhesive – 310ml

This super strong adhesive is easy to use, and can be very effective when used for either installation of new artificial grass or maintaining  existing areas.

  • Moisture curing solvent free polyurethane adhesive with a high bond strength, for bonding Luxigraze Artificial Grass
  • Coloured green to blend with the artificial grass
  • Designed to bond the underside of artificial grass to jointing tape and/or the sub base for a secure finish
  • 1 cartridge covers 2-3 linear metres of Luxigraze Jointing Tape




Before embarking on any work involving Luxigraze Adhesive, the Safety Data Sheet should be
carefully read by those carrying out the work.

Before use individual substrates should be evaluated for bonding performance prior to any large-scale

Ensure the sub floor is smooth, clean, sound and free from dust, loose particles or contaminants such as oil,
which may affect adhesion.

Dampness can be tolerated but any surface water should be removed.

Luxigraze Adhesive should be applied to the substrate and spread out with a notched trowel at a coverage rate sufficient to
leave ridges of adhesive high enough to transfer to the back of the carpet.

In order to consolidate the bond,
whilst curing takes place, it may be necessary either to roll the surface periodically over the next two hours or
to apply weights to hold the surface in contact during this time.


It is important that the adhesive is
spread evenly by serrated trowel.

The versatility of the product means it is useful for carrying out work during
periods of adverse weather, i.e. in colder, wetter conditions.

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Key Features:

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