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80 meters Shotblasted Mint Paving with Sawn Edges 600x900


These packs cannot be split down so the full 80 meters will be ordered instead of the required 75 meters sq.


Please note as well as a primer its a good idea to seal these slabs


Add some elegance to your home and garden with Sawn Mint and Shotblasted Indian sandstone paving. Sawn Yellow Mint is a beautiful natural stone that shines with warm tones of beige, vanilla cream and ivory. When it rains, the yellow slabs grow more distinctive, blossoming with veins of honey caramel.

Sawn Mint is bound to lighten up even the darkest patio areas. Making it ideal for both classic and contemporary designs.

Other great features of Sawn Mint sandstone include:


  • Gorgeous smooth matt surface
  • Looks even better wet
  • Well suited to harsh, rainy UK weather
  • Added shotblasting option included with this order to make the paving Slip-resistant
  • CE approved
  • Will last for decades


Our Sawn Mint Indian sandstone paving is machine-cut (for a smooth satin finish) on all six sides and can then be either honed or shot-blasted to suit your designs. Each slab is calibrated to 22mm in thickness with a bevelled edge.

This natural stone is available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes including mixed-size patio packs, and from smaller 290x600mm slabs to the larger same-size Sawn Mint sandstone paving 600x900mm slabs.


IMPORTANT: Due to the porous nature of sandstone which increases when sawn, we recommend sealing all sawn sandstone paving prior to laying using an SBR bond on the underside, painted on neat and allowed to dry, to create a barrier between the sand cement mix and the slabs, and a Lithofin Stain Stop W sealant on the top surface and sides to protect against staining.

Sawn Mint natural sandstone paving provides predominant tones of off-white cream to off-white yellow. As with all natural stone, colour will vary from one batch to another, with some more uniform in colour and others with more variation.

20m2 Single Size Pack 900x600mm:
36 slabs 900x600mm


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