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Pavetuf Sealer & Resin Residue Remover



  • High Performance

  • Low Odour

  • Non Caustic

  • Quick Working Time

  • Gentle Removal

  • Easy to Use

This powerful yet much safer alternative to conventional stripping solvents on the market. This gel formulation is safe to handle with a low odour and can be used in and around the home on walls, staircases, door frames, and externally on driveways, brickwork, decking, railing, and garden furniture.

Always test on a small, inconspicuous area before use. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet and Technical Guide before use.


Sealer & Resin Residue Remover is highly effective and easy to use. For use on natural stone or porcelain paving, this low-odour, non-caustic treatment is designed to soften hard to remove layers of old spirit or water-based sealers and epoxy, acrylic, and silicone residues left by cement-free brush in jointing compounds.

This powerful remover works quickly and efficiently to remove old sealers, haze, and film left by resin-based, brush in jointing compounds restoring your paving’s natural beauty.

How To use Guide and Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet for Sealer Remover and Resin Residue Remover

New Product! Pavetuf Sealer Remover and Resin Residue Remover all-in-one useage guide

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