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Pavetuf Drainage Tee with Grey Slotted Grate



Create A Corner Or A Tee

Method 1 - There is an option to purchase a prefabricated 90° elbow and a tee which comes fitted with the Pavetuf Decorative Channel Drain Grey Slotted Grate. If you have chosen an alternative grate to this then you can purchase extra grates and channel drain and use the grey slotted grate as a template and simply cut them to fit. This will save you having to cut and join the standard straight channel drain.


Method 2 - It is possible to create your own corner connections where the two pieces will connect. This will involve cutting on the corners to join. If you are choosing to create your own corners you will need to remember to order additional channel drain and grate to achieve this. Keep in mind that these can be rather difficult to create and take time to do so.

It may be easier to purchase the prefabricated option as a template and cut your chosen channel grate to size to fit as mentioned in Method 1. To form a 90° angle, you will need to mitre cut both adjoining channel drains and grates to a 45° angle and butt them together. Use a silicone sealer to create a waterproof joint for the channel. Drill extra screw holes if necessary, to secure the grate sections. Alternatively, you can create a tee joint by lining up the channel and then cutting the side of the channel to accommodate the joining section. Use a silicone sealer to create a waterproof joint for the channel.

Drill extra screw holes, if necessary, to secure the grate sections. It is possible to form tighter angles if the installation requires. The process is the same as above and the mitre cut would need to be set at the required angle. To help with the mitre angle calculation and marking, there are numerous tools on the market that will help. Mark the grate and channel drain with your chosen angle and cut with a hacksaw, angle grinder or similar. Ensure the cut is neat, accurate and in line with the marking and remove any debris.

Check the join and adjust if necessary. Once you are happy with the join, use an external waterproof silicone sealer to hold the joint and seal it. Allow the sealer to cure for the recommended time that the silicone sealer manufacturer advises and then test the joint with water to ensure there are no leaks. Once the silicone sealer is cured then screw the grate to secure and drill extra holes if necessary. If using the system for vehicular traffic a prefabricated tee joint or 90° elbow is recommended.

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