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ALS Golden Yellow Paddlestones

From: £19.96

Price is for one crate which covers just over 3.5 meters sq


Paddlestones. Perfect for solid, long lasting and colourful landscaping projects using a natural material. Create stunning garden/house walling, garden paths, around swimming pools with pieces of natural beauty intertwined with nature.

Paddlestones are large, roughly disc shaped pieces of quartzite produced by tumbling to form soft, rounded edges.

Available  in eye watering grey & yellow hues these can be used in both private gardens and public landscapes as walling. Other uses include, laid flat as paving and stepping stones, path and pond edges, water features and waterfall ledges.

Crates circa 1000kg each 20-50mm thick, 100-400mm in length & width.
1 tonne covers around 3.5 face m2
Includes Weekday, AM, kerbside delivery for 1-7 crates, 8-24 crates includes mechanical off-load.

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