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Triton (was Ash) Continental Clay Pavers and Bricks 2 meters sq (on the edge split pack)


Baksteen Ash Clay Pavers



Baksteen clay pavers are tumbled to reveal a weathered and antiqued appearance. When laid on edge (using 65mm thickness) on a suitably designed bedding and sub base, these pavers will withstand heavy vehicular traffic and cover 9.6 sqm each pack. Alternatively, they can be laid on bed (using the 50mm thickness) and are suitable for pedestrian, pathway, garden borders and light vehicular traffic. This way will cover 12.63 sqm Please note that coverage stated is nominal.


Looking for something a bit different? Why not try Herringbone Pattern.  AJ McCormack and Son have a good guide which can be found here:


Clay Description:

Clay minerals are formed over long periods of time by the gradual chemical weathering of rocks. When dry, clay becomes firm and when fired in a kiln, permanent physical and chemical changes occur which cause the clay to be converted into a ceramic material suitable for use as bricks and paviors.

Clay paving comes in a rich array of earthy colours including terracotta, charcoal and buff yellow and offers an alternative to sandstone and granite pathway setts.

Pack Thickness (mm) Average nominal weight per pack (kg)  Nominal coverage perpack (m2) Number of pieces per pack
200 x 50mm (on edge) 65 1250 - 1466                                          9.6 sq meters per pack                   960 pieces
200 x 65mm (on bed) 50 1250 - 1466                                            12.63sq meters per pack                960 pieces


You can either lay this block paving on the edge (200 x 50 x 65mm) which is suitable for heavy traffic such a shopping centre carpark or flat on the bed (200 x 65 x 50mm) which is suitable for light vehicle traffic and pedestrians.  This can be significantly cheaper than laying on the edge especially for large areas.

Clay pavers are making a solid comeback as a preferred paving material for commercial and public realm projects. Manufactured as either an extruded or machine moulded product, or ‘soft mud’ as they are often referred to, the different manufacturing techniques offers the following:-

  • As a result of the moulding process, soft mud pavers attain a ‘none engineered’ shape making for a very natural appearance. The moulding process provides crisp functional edges which may also be ‘rumbled’ to achieve an instant antiqued or aged appearance to complement existing old buildings. A sanded surface, which is a natural part of the soft mud production process, or an alternative waterstruck finish, can also be applied.
  • Modern extruded production techniques are now able to produce longer narrow products which are currently very fashionable.

The strength, durability and natural beauty of clay paving sourced from both the UK and the continent offers the designer the opportunity to complement other natural stone or use clay as a stand-alone product in large areas of urban and public realm projects.

Advantages of clay pavers

  • Durability (resistance to thermal shock and freeze /thaw), natural strength and beauty.
  • Excellent slip/skid resistance properties which is maintained throughout its life.
  • Resistance to acids, alkali’s, fuel spillages, fats.
  • Extensive range of continental sizes in a wide range of colours and textures suitable for both traditional and contemporary designs.
  • Natural non-fade, through body colours which are retained throughout the life of the pavement.
  • Over 150 years of heritage
  • A range of facing bricks available to complement or contrast with clay paving.
  • Crisp functional edge or tumbled finish to provide instant aged appearance.
  • Traditionally laid flexibly, though can also be laid rigidly.
  • Available in either vibrant colours to uplift, or warm mellow earthy tones to calm and complement.
  • Clay pavers are an excellent partner for use with natural stone (formerly known as baksteen)

Additional information

Size if split down pack

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